A World Unseen: The Revenant

As many of you may already know, Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent blockbuster The Revenant was inspired by real events, it is a film based on the struggle of one 19th century frontiersman named Hugh Glass and captures his extraordinary adventure and pure will to survive.

The film itself was a mammoth project which achieved cinematic excellence and critical acclaim having won several Oscars. In this documentary we are given an inside glimpse into the efforts that were involved in producing such a spectacular film and the gruelling filming conditions which were faced by the actors and crew.

Featuring interviews with the director and co-writer Alejandro Inarritu we get a sense for the reasoning behind the project and how they managed to achieve filming and overcoming some of the most hostile environments around. Featuring a lot of behind the scenes footage this is definitely one for all you movie lovers out there.

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