World War One From Above

This BBC documentary brings a fresh perspective and summary of the battles of World War 1 who fought by many countries caused over 15 million casualties. Hosted by Fergal Keane, “The First World War from Above” provide unique new aerial viewpoint, showcasing 2 extraordinary historical finds, which includes an old archive footage recorded from a flying airship in 1919, filming the trenches as well as the battlefields in such a way rarely been witnessed before.

Additionally includes aerial pictures taken by WW1 aircraft pilots, developed for the very first time for more than 90 years. The pictures clearly show not just the destruction caused throughout the battles, but also the unaccountable acts and human stories seen solely from air.

World War 1 had been fought on the many parts of the continent of Europe. Battles was in fact fought on several varying fronts. The majority of the battles of the Allies against Germany took place on the western front. Most of the battling that occurred on this location were trench warfare. On Central as well as Eastern Europe, the Eastern Front were battled and was among the primary areas where WW1 took place. The war ended through the signing of 5 different peace treaties. The Treaty of Versailles, among the five treaties, is the most significant of them all. Caused millions of casualties, WW1 was the 1st war that uses tanks, submarines, U-boats and airplanes as standard weapons.

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  1. Take it off this list, if it’s been removed!!!!

  2. niceee wonderful

  3.  The “from the air” part is a bit misleading, as the photos really add a little more detail to the familiar story.  However, what a moving piece.  Very well done and worth your time.

  4. Nice Documentary

  5. Nice one

  6. Really an outstanding effort!

  7. Very well researched by the author.  The depth, drama and sacrifice was brought to life with the aerial photos, original film and modern-day video and animation.  I learned much – an outstanding effort!