World’s Toughest Prison (Mexico and Peru)

A hard hitting documentary about the lives of inmates in Santa Martha jail in Mexico and Lurigancho Prison in Peru. Due to overcrowding prison guards are forced to hand some control to longer term inmates with interesting results.

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  1. He’s Such A Good Lawyer You’ll End Up Drinking Moonshine In Alaska

  2. Can you write to the ppl in the Santa Martha jail in Mexico?

  3. yoooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! the shit is not normal !!!

  4. could not see even half of the documentary. Grrr
    it does look pretty tough and scary to me!!

  5. Thanks for showing one of your best stories on santa marta prison. Those 2 convicts were not lying. My late brother (R.I.P) did time in this prison. and what the 2 men said about this prison was what my brother had told me.
    Right on>MSMBC-LOCK UP RAW!!