Zeitgeist The Movie: Final Edition

This documentary asks the question “What have Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all in common?” Some might say its all just about conspiracy theories, but some of the information presented in the movie Zeitgeist are actually proven facts!

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  1. all the war clips.. a;ways the effing yanks,, say no more

  2. In my opinion Jesus was a real person. He was a political activist not the messiah. I do find it interesting how this may have been used to promote religious belief and dogma.

    • Real person, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lepers to heal, let’s not mention Lazarus,” real person” can’t do that he was the Messiah.

  3. Not quite sure what “the Blessedness of a Beatitude” is, but it sure sounds “groovy”. And to Laura, I agree with most of what you wrote, however, I don’t find this documentary “disjointed” I like the way it has been edited. It requires one to think in an abstract way.

    And unfortunately, Canada, just like in the US, has descended into Facist tactics. We only need to look at the G8 protests in Toronto.

    Politicians, in any G* country, don’t need your vote, they have already been bought and paid for, prior to any election. There are individuals who try to use ethics and morals…but they either speak for an independant party, or are soon ridiculed and discarded from the dialoge.

    Geez, I didn’t realize how cynical I have become.

  4. This film neatly tied up my previous thoughts, feelings and suspicions with all kinds of historical proof. How someone figured out all the religious explanations, I’ll never know.

    The film seemed a little disjointed. The religion expose seemed seperate from the money and war chapters, but this never detracted from my enjoyment of it.

    Its true that most people have no idea what’s going on and would rather live in front of their tvs watching mindless garbage and endless commercials.

    In 2012, everywhere I look, people are staring at their phones or texting non stop. Don’t even look where they’re going. What the hell do they find so facinating? Is this another way of keeping the masses quiet and in line?

    I’ve been listening to the CBC broadcasting network for years. They present all kinds of subjects and different points of view on topics from all over the world. The Canadian government keeps chipping away at it and gives it less money to operate every year. That’s MY tax dollars.

    Before the last election no mention was made of cutting back on the CBC, adding HST to groceries, or laying off hundreds of Public Sector employees who process E.I. applications (WHEN WE ACTUALLY NEEDED MORE!)

    Why do I even bother to vote any more? My vote will always mean SQUAT.

  5. You have never felt the Blessedness of a Beatitude, and have been FAVORED to experience the Heavenly Presence of the Most Holy Theotokos. Nor do you exist in the kingdom of heaven as little children also do I. Nor do I believe all love ends in death ,but the purpose of life is for life to give life to Eternal life, the Command of God. HuH!! This is the Truth of my Christian experience. Works for me just fine.

  6. Yes i have watched the previous versions which were great and scary but good to know, as you say Ian everyone should watch this.

  7. Me too Ian, and I said to everyone after I watched this that it was the best documentary I’ve ever seen, it fits in so neatly with everything else I’ve watched and read about

  8. I am not someone who watches conspiracy after conspiracy and believes every theory out there, but everyone needs to watch this documentary.