Zimbabwe: State of Denial

Thirty years after becoming a nation, and 30 years after Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF came to power, Zimbabwe does not appear to have fulfilled the hopes that so many had at independence.
Both ZANU PF and the MDC appear to be in a state of denial about the true condition of Zimbabwe at 30, and this cannot be the best way for the country to start its fourth decade as a nation.
A country which was meant to have buried the racism of white minority rule has once again become a place where some Zimbabweans are more equal than others. A land which once exported billions in agricultural products will, it seems, spend another year reliant on food aid.

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  1. It is propaganda. He has genocided no one. Those white people got their land through genocide, slavery and land theft. Why should they get to keep it, why should zimbabweans pay for it, they never wanted these land thieves there? I dare you to try to steal land in Texas, they’d shoot you dead.

  2. Mugabe is in power because this documentary is largely untrue and propaganda. There are lots of angry south africans in the media who make anti mugabe films because they fear that zimbabwe’s successful land reform program will be repeated in South Africa. In fact it was a British professor who documented the success of mugabe land reform program in alleviating rural poverty.

    Mugabe had an important role in liberating southern african from white dictatorship. he basically liberated half the continent so he remains extremely popular throughout Africa. Mugabe did not commit genocide against his people. When he started to educate too many of his people in the 80s the CIA said can’t have none of that so they sponsored an uprising with the help of the south african dictatorship to overthrow mugabe and bring back the previous dictator Ian Smith. Mugabe put down the uprising. Think about America, if 20,000 Americans said we are going to washington to kill Obama, kill Boerhner, Kill Reid and overthrow the government, how long do you think they would last? From the history, last time, in the civil war, 1 million americans or so died trying to succeed from the union. And Lincoln closed down newspaper and suspended haebus corpus.

    Yeah Mugabe Land Reform did see white people kicked off their land. But the documentary leaves out many important facts. 1. The whites who came their stole the land to begin with up until the 1980s. 2. Most of those whites are multiple land owners having on average 15 farms. White Zimbabweans by 1980 controlled 90% of all arable (farmable) land despite controlling none when cecil rhodes arrived illegal in 1910. 3. Britain under the lancaster agreement was suppose to pay the white farmers to leave the land. 4. Because the Blair government unilaterally decided to end the program payments, Mugabe didn’t stop the land reform doesn’t make Mugabe bad. He never agreed to pay white farmers anything. Their real beef is with the British but the Al Jazeera who produced the show is owned by the dictator of Qatar who is best friends with you guessed it, The English royals and is an ally in afghanistan, syria and libya of the english. 5. Mugabe is not perfect, there are many bad things in Zimbabwe. Strangely the decided to skip over the developed areas of Harare and show just the rural povertyregions. That is like making a documentary on USA and only showing rural mississippi and rural alabama and saying that is how all of america.

  3. so how this Magabe still in power? he commits genoicide of his people? wow unreal, and they just kicked those white people off their land. zimbabwe’s a pos of a country, glad i live in the usa now.