Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children is a feature length documentary film which was shot completely undercover and throughout the course of nine months. It is a breathtaking tale of how three children are growing up in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was once considered to be the jewel of Africa, said to have the best education system on the continent, now however its infrastructure is in complete free fall.

Here we follow 12-year-old Grace as she scavenges the rubbish dumps in Harare in search of bones to sell for school fees; 9-year-old Esther must care for her little baby sister and her mother who is dying of HIV/AIDS; and finally we see how 13-year-old Obert pans for gold in order to make just enough money to buy food for himself and his granny whilst all along dreaming of somehow getting the education he craves.

From BAFTA-winning director Jezza Neumann and BAFTA-winning producer, Xoliswa Sithole, this is a powerful story of the gaping chasm between what these children hope for and what their country can ultimately provide them.

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