A Haunting: Gateway to Hell

Bobby Mackey owns a country music nightclub in the small town of Wilder, Kentucky. The building was once home to a slaughterhouse. The Licking River, which runs next door, is said to have attracted Satanists and murderers over the years. Bobby initially pays no attention to the legends, even though his pregnant wife Jackie and an employee had been attacked by spirits. With the eerie violence escalating, an ancient well in the basement is discovered; it seems to be the source of the dark force. It seems intent on harming Jackie’s unborn child and taking someone’s soul.

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  1. That was the silliest horror story I ever watched. Not remotely scary, full of standard horror movie- and popular views of possession stuff. The Entity ( was much better in that respect.

    Oh…and why exactly would the devil speak Latin? Or backwards for that matter? The only reason Latin is the tongue of the Roman Catholic Church, is because it has its foundations in the Roman Empire. Both the Devil and Christianity (+its Judaism origin) are suppossed to be much older.
    It has nothing to do with any religion and the language is as good as dead. For that matter, the Devil might just as well speak in Sanscrit…or N/u…

  2. whether this is real or fake, it was very scary to watch… the over dramatic piano music didnt help!!

  3. if these stories are real, then wow,…im not a sceptic, i believe in ghosts, but this story just sounds too much like a scary ghost movie, a little too convenient., maybe they just embellished the exact details about certain incidents but i just find it hard to grasp that it all happened exactly the way the reconstruction describes it, stuff like the flames coming out of the well when he poured the holy water, and even the fact that he found the latch to the trap door, in the middle of a black out, a latch he never noticed once before in all the time he worked there both for them and the previous owners….the quickie” exorcism,the conveniently placed diary,also that medium could have researched the place just like the writer did and find out everything she needed, she mentioned the same things as the writer who researched it,  maybe its all completely true!, or maybe people who own a failing country music club are fabricating stories to boost business, i cant tell

    • The exorcism was completely messed up, didn’t happen that way. You can see parts of the actual videotape of the exorcism on Ghost Adventurers. Carl says his name is Charlie when the preacher asks. And the well was found when Carl had nightmares about the basement, and was told to dig there. Then he found the well. Other than that, from what I’ve found, the story matches up

    • dude this shit is legit go and check out bobby mackys on ghost adventures

  4. Creepy, cant look away.