Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss is a documentary by legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog, it is a tale of two men who were convicted of a triple homicide which took place in Conroe, Texas back in 2001. One of these men was Michael Perry, the primary subject of this film, he was sent to death row for the murder of Sandra Stotler, a middle aged housewife who happened to own a nice car in which Perry and Jason Burkett wanted to rob in order to joyride.

The two were both under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time the crime occurred and ended up not only killing Stotler, but also gunned down her stepson and his friend. The film features conversations with the convicted inmates and those who were directly affected by the crime although it is not necessarily to concerned with discovering the facts about the crime but more so dives deeply into the question of why do people kill?

Perry’s final interviews for the film were recorded only eight days before his execution on July 1, 2010. Perry had always denied that he was responsible for the killings.

If you are a fan of Herzog’s work you should also check out his film Grizzly Man.

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  1. Not really feeling sorry for the criminals here. I know, I know that’s bad and i need to get with the program but these people should have been dumped in the ocean a week after the trial.

  2. very well done. live your dash, my is 11-09-1964- ? thank you father for letting me care and hurt for others who hurt with me, but only for different reasons. you are the best thing that has or will ever happen to me. i learned about love through all this pain…