IRL 2.0: In Moderation

Video games have claimed hours of the lives of many young individuals, once such game that could be considered particularly culpable is World of Warcraft. This short documentary by Anthony Rosner is his tale of video game addiction and how it affected his life. IRL 2.0: In Moderation is the sequel to his popular original short “IRL: In Real Life” which gained quite a lot of attention upon release. To this day it has collected over half a million views on youtube.

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  1. I don’t feel bad for this guy, or any of the other dweebs who get “addicted” to video games. Learn some f**king self-control, switch the computer off, and walk away. It’s not heroin, it’s a bloody video game…

    • I think you missed the whole entire point of the documentary. He learned to do just that. Walk away from the computer, and do just that. Step away. You can still enjoy video games, but in modereration. Also, change your name.