KONY 2012

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

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DIRECTOR: Jason Russell LEAD EDITOR: Kathryn Lang EDITORS: Kevin Trout, Jay Salbert, Jesse Eslinger LEAD ANIMATOR: Chad Clendinen ANIMATOR: Jesse Eslinger 3-D MODELING: Victor Soto VISUAL EFFECTS: Chris Hop WRITERS: Jason Russell, Jedidiah Jenkins, Kathryn Lang, Danica Russell, Ben Keesey, Azy Groth PRODUCERS: Kimmy Vandivort, Heather Longerbeam, Chad Clendinen, Noelle Jouglet ORIGINAL SCORES: Joel P. West SOUND MIX: Stephen Grubbs, Mark Friedgen, Smart Post Sound COLOR: Damian Pelphrey, Company 3 CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole, Gavin Kelly, Chad Clendinen, Kevin Trout, Jay Salbert, Shannon Lynch PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Jaime Landsverk LEAD DESIGNER: Tyler Fordham DESIGNERS: Chadwick Gantes, Stephen Witmer

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  2. I heard they found the missing kids on Kony Island

  3. off to join my support!

  4. Update: the manic Jason Russell is of course, in a secure unit being reprogrammed having flipped out naked and masturbating in public. They are a CULT, a programme to make children invisible. They are always out to access the children, it gets the most money and support and serves the filthy perversions of the psychopaths under UNICEF protection.

    The logo itself should send shivers to anyone with eyes open and it is infuriating that people are still so easily duped. Kony is probably long dead; most likely right after the interview. But as with Osama bin Laden, is resurrected as a spectre to haunt and terrify young adults and children into joining a very abusive cult. One of many ‘youth activist’ programmes springing up in the West.

    What I appreciate about the sudden explosion of Kony into awareness, is the equally sudden and explosive meltdown and exposure of Jason Russell. This is what they drive the children to … insanity. What this afforded was a sharp wake up jolt of what is operating behind these philanthropic, charitable, NGO driven recruitment cults for social change.

    Mao had his little red army and Hitler had his youth; it is the youth who energise and further to aims of any bloody revolution having not the experience, knowledge or wisdom to know any better. They are re-formed and their perspectives ‘re-framed’ to attack any opposition to directives as specified within UN Agenda 21 or Sustainability, Equality, Diversity legislation.

    As in Animal Farm, Napoleon, the top pig, reared puppies in isolation away from all the other farm animals, including the mother. At the first group meeting after Snowball was chased out as the ‘villain’, Napoleon’s speech on the new rules was not allowed any challenge. Those who asked about the old, agreed rules were silenced by the fierce growling of Napoleons dogs who surrounded him at all times. Then there were the trained sheep who, on cue, would raise the chorus ‘two legs bad, four legs good’ to drown out objections. The dogs are the security forces and the sheep are the general public.

    The most effective permanent method of changing human nature is via trauma and the best time to start is in the womb. These UN youth brigades will form the intelligence network within every community to spy snitch report and possibly detain anyone suspected of transgressing the regulations. The free schools emerging are aligned with this new indoctrination. Political change will be via public pressure groups, special interests factions and the like as powerful lobbying tools to push for this or that legislation, or conviction without the knowledge or opportunity of contribution from public groups not in the target group.

    The exposure of such operations through the rise and fall of the Kony campaign reps, opens up a huge festering underbelly of horrific child abuse at the highest levels throughout non-accountable factions.

    Playing for Change is another one and looking into the sponsors, Country Wines is a gas! Those versed in the double entendre’ will see what it’s really selling down on the farm.

    Let’s not ‘get fooled again’.

    Invisible Children and their 4th Estate are one of many such initiatives which used to be carried out by the Peace Corps on behalf of corporate/military interests.

    Child trafficking is one of the nastiest and most lucrative trades; a sport for the rich to indulge in as with any other.

  5. Let me add, from what I have read, Joseph Kony was a real cocksucker. The thing that throws me off is that a lot of information out there says he is inactive, like the evil warlords of Liberia(General Butt-naked anyone?).

  6. This video comes off as a scam. At best it feels like a money grab for the owners at worst this is propaganda to expand US AFRICOM influence in the region to pull minerals out.

  7. Yes, Kony is indeed a very bad man. The world is several days late & several dollars short with regard to apprehending him with a view towards preventing further atrocities. There are, however, more pressing & urgent issues facing Africans right now & the fortune being wasted on cutesy bracelets & posters could be better spent elsewhere.

    I believe that this young man’s heart is in the right place, but he is clearly naive & way out of his depths. He lost me (crusading right fighters always do) when he dropped this onto the already overflowing plate of his adorable son. This little boy has enough to fear from ‘stranger danger’, the bogey man, fretful news reports of wars & other horrors broadcast during the dinner hour & other things that go bump in the night. Why show him the scary face of this maniac, tell the boy that his uber brave daddy plans to catch this bad guy & then tell the boy that this bad guy is INVISIBLE?!?

    Now what: the child must fear a big scary black man with alleged super-powers who his dad says, takes away children & forces them to commit atrocities? His face is so generic that this child will be spotting Kony everywhere from at Burger King to the amusement park!

    LEAVE YOUR KIDS ALONE, people. When they become adults, there will be plenty of causes celebres for them to pursue. Let them have their childhood without being dragged to your occupy movements or your anti this or that political rallies festooned with signs they cannot even read & being fired-up about problems beyond their control & comprehension. Where was Gavin’s mother in all this? It really seems to be dad’s thing & I understand that he has become somewhat unwrapped of late. I hope they turn their attention to Gavin’s well-being in the midst of all this hype.

  8. All I can say is breath taking!!

  9. People are very gullible… yes Joseph Kony is real, and he is a huge fuck face, but people shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast!

    Please visit:

  10. Well, nail in the coffin for this hype hey?… For anybody that hasnt heard yet, The maker of this film was caught vandalizing cars and masturbating in public, drunk and high out of his mind. What a leader.. What a phoney. This whole thing was ridiculous

  11. This is such bullshit , i mean they want money?
    and it all goes to this “tri” organisation so again like
    green peace a huge global organisation the guys on the
    board get ritcher while a few bucks actualy go where its
    needed …

    Nothing will change look at how long it took to find
    bin laden, Kony is has probably already left the area.

    i will add tho nice short doco.

  12. A lot of people seem to have missed the essential message of this video. That one man through a community as huge as facebook can unite so many people in hope for a better tomorrow. Let people who knows both side of the coin listen to there own instincts and make up their own mind. I believe most of us feel that there is a lot of things wrong in this world. Lets use this lesson and make it into something positive we all want. Lets look at the big picture people.

  13. and u need to know that all this is bullshit and those mothefuckers just mindfucked you cause kony died 2006.

  14. This is as far from a documentary as you can get. It’s propaganda, it’s a shame, and thank god the youth of the world this was marketed to woke up. In only a matter of days! Please remove this from your site, it’s embarrassing for you to have it up here. You might as well post The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and call that a documentary.

    Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth.
    This is a way bigger issue than Joseph Kony and yet this Kony2012 video has way more views that is BS. That is the video that needs 1000000 a day not Kony 2012. PLEASE share this video with everyone you know.

  16. we are all angry post this on your facebook wall this man must be killed immediatly

  17. 30 minutes of intellectual masturbation

  18. Before you take up arms virtually speaking . . . you need to read this ( . . . let me know what you think.

  19. “There is no political solution to our troubled evolution.”

    There is no political solution without population control.

  20. anyone else reliz tht konyy might be the anti christ the braclets with numbers and him unighting the world

  21. In 2011 they made $13m from donations and other revenue, $6 million of it was left unused and the rest of it went to travel expenses, computers, management costs (2m) and stuff like that. There’s no mention in the finance report of any kind of actual humanitarian work. If 0.05% of the video viewers donate two dollars, it’s already a million. They suggest becoming a $15 monthly donor to receive some kind of merchandise.

    What can they do with the money? Bribe FBI or local authorities to catch the guy? Not likely. Looking at the guys, they’re probably eager to build churches over there.

    It’s a scam.

  22. Go sell this propaganda to the ignorant masses. I’m informed enough to know that this has a Geo-political dimension in favor of the U.S. Uganda has discovered oil reserves with billions of barrels worth of oil. It’s even an insult to the Uganda military to bring in a 100 “advisers” to help track Kony and the gang…………As someone pointed out, there are two sides to every story. Museveni the dictator of Uganda is himself a ruthless tyrant who rigs himself in every election, marginalizes the opposition and mismanages the economy…………………..When I saw Moreno Ocampo, the “errand boy” of the West in the ICC, I just knew this was just crap………To really entice the masses they show us a short clip of Hitler………….The said world criminals, dictators, murderers……… who were shown in the video include people whose cases are pending before the ICC. They should sue for defamation and character assassination……………………Well, the West through ICC is also trying to impose a one Raila Odinga on Kenyans by indicting his potential contestants.

  23. more about joseph kony and child soldiers in uganda

  24. Okay, so after watching this video, I can safely say one thing: it is propaganda not a documentary.

    This is one of the best article descriptions I’ve read concerning the organisation who made this video:

    This video, and the campaign that created it, is extremely disturbing. From watching the video ones immediate reaction is to share it and to try and ensure that something gets done, possibly by donating to the campaign or buying something from their line of t-shirts, badges and the like to further spread awareness of what is going on. A natural reaction when faced with such a horrible situation.

    However when we look at the facts surrounding the film a rather unpleasant stink begins to fill the air. Something that smells a lot like the white man’s burden and possibly cynical opportunism.

    The campaign calls for military intervention in Uganda to capture Kony and bring him to justice, something he most certainly deserves. However the film and campaign are rather liberal with the truth. Kony and the LRA have been pretty much smashed and have been inactive in Uganda since 2006 and there is now a peace process in place. A process that stammers and stalls, but that is what they always do.

    Of the money that gets made by Invisible Children only 31% goes on their charity work and the rest on film making, though the charity has never been audited so we assume. But this 31% of your money, that you either directly give to them or help them raise through sharing their video, goes on things like funding Uganda’s military and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both forces have been associated with despicable acts such as using rape as a weapon of war.

  25. ‎”Let’s not get our lines crossed: The Lord’s Resistance Army is bad news. And Joseph Kony is a very bad man, and needs to be stopped. But propping up Uganda’s decades-old dictatorship and its military arm, which has been accused by the UN of committing unspeakable atrocities and itself facilitated the recruitment of child soldiers, is not the way to go about it.” All you need to know about the bullshit that is the KONY2012 initiative –

  26. We’re a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with useful info to work on. You’ve done an impressive process and our whole group shall be thankful to you.

  27. I just don’t get all of this BS propaganda. Are people that naïve to fall for a 30 minutes self-promoting and sentimentalist video? I mean really? Come on.

    Donating to this organisation to fund the Ugandan army to fight against Kony who FYI has not been active for 6 years in Uganda, is just pure stupidity. Do you think that it’s wise to use force against force? It would just end up with more retaliation. Oh and in case you forgot, if any fighting would take place between Kony and the Ugandan army, who do you think would be fighting against the Ugandan army for Kony? The very children that this vid is claiming that they are trying to save.

    This is just another stunt show that got way out of hand, making people believe that its the US’ duty to be the hero and yet again try to save the world when it doesn’t even raise any campaigns on such a scale about its homeless and poor. Pity, those people must feel even more ignored by those Kony 2012 worshippers, making so much propaganda effort about some place faraway and nothing about those that are suffering right at there doorstep.

  28. This is another bulshit propaganda, some people who live very good in america trying to prove themselves that they can succed in a campaign that when it is going to end, will benefit only them in making them stars of media succes.And they will reap all the benefits of making belive milions of people that they can change the system that works like this for hundreds of years. Most of the young people still can’t understand that power corrupts everybody without discrimination, or if someone can not be corrupted, he will be ripped apart by those who wait his fall to fill the void of power.
    I bet that the people behind this movement in a few years time you’ll find them working in PR campains, for political parties or companies or very influential people. Their long term gain is their personal interest, and whoever belives that Kony is the first on the list of international tribunal should think again because even George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfeld should have been on that list for the atrocities they approved allover the world. Americans killed and supported military actions that killed and distroyed the lives of more people around the world than the whole WWII, since it ended, and even today nobody has the guts to make them culpable.
    So my advice to people who are brainwashed by campain like this and many other is to study a lot of history and than speak as themselves not as a group. Peace

  29. So just blindly follow some misleading, and hardly informative video and give them my money, so they can only donate 38% of it to the people that actually need it? I would much rather donate my money to a REAL charity.

  30. Even though it is older footage, does not deduct the value of this situation. Are people honestly complaining about the staff of Invisible Children paying for there traveling expenses through the raised money. You’d honestly be foolish, and inconsiderate to even muster up the opinion to bash this organization for wanting to help a community.

    Yes they get paid, at least it provides for there family, and towards new project’s, or future coverage’s. This movement is for change, establishing the power the people have. So just


  31. sums this situation up pretty well

  32. i agree there are two sides here is the other one —>

  33. This is horrible. It’s gone viral, look!
    Seems to be everywhere. Good, let’s stop him.

  34. Theres ALWAYS two sides to every story. This viral film has caught the attention of heaps of young folk but you are all far too late. Watching that Kony video is essentially watching old news. They started filming in 2003, and northern Uganda has been free of LRA violence and war for over five years. In fact, the LRA have signed a peace accord! They are rebuilding and are restoring the peace.

    Yes the leader is still out there however the recruitment of children has decreased 80%. This isn’t due to the Invisible Children organisation, its because Ugandan military and the ICC have intercepted.

    The Invisible Children group are trying to pass a bill that allows America to militarise the region… They are providing misinformation to woo idealistic followers. The group have combined multiple regional conflicts to make it appear that this is one rapidly increasing issue. When confronted about their dodgy tactics, the head spokesperson stated;

    “I agree with you that leading people to believe that the war is still happening in Uganda is not ethically right. It’s something we’ve been addressing internally, focusing on getting all staff and supporters on the same page (of communication).”

    If you read the news, or even had an ounce of interest in the on-going unrest in Africa you would already know this and not be fooled. Yes, awful things happen to people in 3rd world countries but this has been occurring for centuries, it isn’t a recent occurrence.

    Ps Invisible Children are facing IRS auditing and are breaching tax-exempt policy with their campaigns.

    Now lets all watch that Al Gore documentary everybody forgot about.

  35. What a great way to educate people! I had no idea this was going on and for so long! Makes me feel hopeful as a young adult! We can help other if the right information is given to us! THANK YOU

  36. Joseph Kony needs to be stopped. He can only be stopped if people know about him.