Lindsay the OxyContin Addict

Lindsay, described as fun and outgoing by her friends, has changed her life forever by using the drug oxycontin. Lindsay grew up as a beautiful dancer and was much loved. Now twenty-four, Lindsay discusses the past few years of addiction. She explains how it is not only the addiction of the drug but the ritual of seeing the blood go into the needle. Now she spends around $900 a day and doesn’t even get high anymore. Lindsay does it simply not to get sick. She explains how it has changed her life and those of her family and friends forever.

There have been times when she has tried to overdose but knows that it would be her family that suffered more than her if she died. Lindsay was described as a happy child though her mother was an alcoholic and people agree she may have seen some things as a child she shouldn’t have. Her mother was in an abusive relationship when Lindsay was born and this also, may have been a factor.

At a young age Lindsay began dancing and loved it. She won awards and was very talented. As time went on, her mother’s ex-boyfriend and Lindsay’s real dad, was released from jail and would show up at the door. When Lindsay was around ten, he was found dead. She became more withdrawn and concerned with how she looked. She began taking prescription pills which developed into an addiction. Lindsay began taking oxycontin and has always had to use her mother to help pay for that addiction. It began as a prescription for stomach pain and became a drug habit. This documentary shows Lindsay over the last few years, how her life has changed, and what she is doing to recover now.

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  1. Awesome, another Video that doesnt work. Thus Page Sufis ass

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  3. I had the chance to met Lindsay as she lives in the same city as I and sad to say she still was not clean and looked in worse health than in this documentary. She was a very kind , intellegent and very beautiful girl.It’s heartbreaking to see such talent wasted due to addiction. I hope she finds her peace within and the strength to overcome this horrific disease well before it completely consumes her and her life!! If Lindsay were to read this I would just want her to know that there are many people not including her friends and family that want to help and have her back !! It’s not about the number of times you fall but that you don’t give up and continue to pick yourself up! your in my heart and pprayers girl ………ML&R, grungegirl 🙂

  4. It is mentioned that Lynday’s mother Jenny is getting 720mg of oxycontin PER DAY! Not even person with severe chronic pain or terminal cancer would need that much “just” for pain! So she’s clearly also a hardcore addict. That’s tragic of course. But to have an addict “treating” another addict, her own daughter…. Small wonder it has come THAT bad for Lyndsay. I really hope she’s still doing good, ’cause she obviously is an intelligent and resourceful girl. This is a good example that addiction is A DECEASE – not a weakness. A decease which strikes at random …like other illness.

  5. I hope she takes this chance to get herself clean

  6. I just watched the opening ninety-seconds of this ‘documentary’ and I only have two words to describe what I watched: BULL SHIT!

  7. This chick is full of shit. She says she doesn’t use to get high, just so she isn’t sick. If that was the case, she would have no interest or need to crush & inject the pills.

    She is lying to her family & herself. She is an addict after all. The boy friend is in the middle of a storm. A very toxic position for him to be in. The mother is making the worst kind of choices & is doing nothing to help her daughter. She is in need of help as much as her daughter.