Slug It Out

When the passion of a small Italian baseball team is challenged daily, in a country, Italy, that has no interest or feelings toward this sport, the love and dedication this team has becomes the solution to all their problems. Documentary filmmaker Fabio Monticone, tells the story of the Sanremo Baseball Club, a rare breed in a country where soccer is the only sport with national relevance. A story that begins during World War II and takes us all the way up to today, where, despite all the financial hardships and a lack of future prospects, Sanremo Baseball not only survives, but manages to give rise to an incredible sport miracle…

Producer: Fabio Monticone ([email protected])
Editor: Ryan Black
Post -Production Supervisor: Caprice Hausfeld
Research: Roberto Bugané (Museo FIBS), Bruno Monticone
Photography: Ambra Arcangeli, Tullio Bigordi
Audio : Simone Negri, Damien Flachaire
Translator: Gabriela Cepeda

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