Al Gore: The Climate Crisis

Appearing at The Guardian Hay Festival, Al Gore talks exclusively to Jonathan Freedland about his crusade to stop the world burning up through global warming. You can watch his other documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” here:

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  1. has the truth.
    Everyone that sees this needs to visit his site

  2. Why do the loudest voices seem to have a personal financial interest?

  3. Al Gore needs a tax credit on his CO2 pie hole. Creating a scare that will not even happen. Do the world a favor gore jump in a glacier and scream and see who will save you. All of his crap is a major theroy. Go green for him is a big green money maker.

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  5. Al gore is making money selling carbon credits thats why he is rushing to get a global warming tax.

  6. dont have to watch this documentary to know that it was made to promote one of Gores devious scams.

  7. I’m not condemning mining in general, I’m condemning abusing of nature and not caring about consequences.
    Mining companies in many countries may be required to follow environmental and rehabilitation codes; however, in many areas regulation is not enforced, and mining companies have encouraged self-policing
    Also, I may be using copper, but that does not mean I use it irresponsibly. It can be reused so you can sell it, or if in impure form such as electronics, call a electronics waste collecting company to come and pick up old electronics. I don’t throw my pcs away, I sell them.

    All in all, I was talking about the need to start focusing off from “lethal” co2 to everything else, where copper mining is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Multinational companies care of nothing except profit, so if we look away, they will take that opportunity and “self regulate” or “deregulate” their business sectors to do what they like and rape and abuse nature on every step they make, even though it’s completely unnecessary as it is in case of that copper mine I mentioned in first post.

    So, screw Al Gore and his trash talk.

    • Alen, not only are you being hypocritical but you appear not to even understand reasons why. It therefore would be as well for yourself to stop posting lest you make yourself look an even greater fool.

  8. Al Gore is nothing other than a shallow opportunist of the worst kind. Whilst he is now ranting on about his apparent concern for the environment (which of course is popular with the public) back in the ’80s he was promoting himself (or at least his political career) by riding on the back of media hysteria of the ‘dangers’ of rock & rap music. Together with that harridan Tipper he tried to create a McCarthyist witch hunt … if you don’t remember or are too young then Google ‘PMRC.’

  9. stop your ramblings about co2 gore and start talking about worldwide mining operations which leave sceneries like these:,155.53291635,3496.99,-121.978,68.336,0&lci=com.panoramio.all&ie=UTF8&ll=-6.321793,155.477594&spn=0.038389,0.066047&z=15
    notice the grey goo coming down the hill from copper mine, pollutting nearby river and ultimately sea with arsenic, copper, mercury, lead, you name it.

    see more about it here:

    • Next time you condemn mining just remeber you are culpable. As a consumer who are using the products of the mining industry every day,including ceramics (all the raw materials are mined), paper (contains calcium carbonate & paper), paint (same as before), plastic & rubbers (contain mineral fillers), jewellery (mined gold, silver, precious stones), the copper in your PC, the plastic in your PC contains mineral fillers … with the exception if plant matter (wood, cotton etc) and animal products (wool, leather etc) everything you own started at mines.