Tibet’s Cry For Freedom

Inspired by a burning passion to raise awareness of the Tibetan freedom struggle and using the Beijing Olympics as the springboard, first time filmmaker Lara Damiani quit her job, sold her clothes and furniture, maxed out several credit cards, used her life savings, grabbed a camera and embarked on a journey across India, Tibet and Beijing, interviewing the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Prime Minister in exile, Chinese dissident and pro-democracy activist Wei Jingsheng, former political prisoners who’d spent up to 27 years in prison, and many more. Tibet’s Cry for Freedom explores both past and present in Tibet’s long suffering non-violent freedom struggle. Learn the truth from the Dalai Lama about Tibet’s real history and ponder the future of a nation whose time is fast running out. Understand why China’s grip on Tibet is so tight, hear true stories of human rights abuses and listen to why many believe the 2008 Olympics should never have been held in Beijing. Tibet’s story from the time of the Chinese occupation through to the uprisings in Tibet that shocked the world in March 2008 is told. Learn about the human rights abuses, political persecution and environmental destruction of this land known as “The Roof of the World.”

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  1. Video Unavailable due to copyright claim.
    If this was an important enough issue to the copyright holder, (as opposed to profit, like we are led to believe by the above review) it seems to me they would want it watched by as many people as possible!

  2. Save Tibet !

  3. English people should first shout ‘out of Scotland, Ireland and Wales before shouting China out of Tibet!’

  4. The Dalai Lama is an inspiration and an insight to a simplistic lifestyle based on principles of family,
    Love , Compassion and good relations.