The Unknown Known

The Unknown Known is a film about former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld that was released in 2013 and chronicles his political career, starting off with his early days when he was a congressman and working right up to the planning that took place in regards to the invasion of Iraq and details how the results of such effected his career.

The documentary is presented as more of a one on one interview with archived footage used to relay topics discussed throughout.


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  1. what a liar, how can a person look into the eyes of the families of those he helped kill and not break down and beg for forgiveness. heartless to the last min. killed 3000 on national tv and no one seems to care, but me., now obama will finish up the last of the plan to bring down america and set up the prison state. those we expect to protect us by bringing the truth to the people, from media to our military, to local city governments. all of them turned away from the truth in order to hold on to their stuff. in order to keep the big checks and that great life style they must look the other way.
    when they sit inside the same prison as we do then they will understand. the devil don’t cut square deals with no one. he lied again and they all believed him, now that our country is gone and they will find themselves sitting inside the same prison they built for us.
    what we do to them then tells who we are. think it through. please forever hangs in the balance…

    • Is that all you got from the doc?

      • no, but what i think of people who can look straight in the face and lie. i find it hard to believe, but we have 9-11 youtubes by the 1000’s. hard to understand what drives such a person. they act like no one knows…

        • So, i keep rereading your comments, looking for anything substantial, but you clearly just want to bluster like you have some insight into something the rest of us are just to sheep shaped to perceive. You seem to have trouble with the fact that people lie. It bothers you so much that you have created some secret ‘order of evil’ and applied it to lies. You seem to believe that somehow Donald Rumsfeld is capable of more a destructive capacity for falsity. I know it feels noble when one sees themselves as a prophet in the wilderness, but really, John the Baptist and Moses are silly characters. Spouting the ‘truth’ where you are least likely to encounter informed dissent is not noble or courageous. Like all prayers, you talk to yourself expecting change, then blame monoliths when human nature remains the same.

          Of course he is lying. That is what politicians and businessmen do. In case you have not noticed, everyone is capable of falsity. Yet somehow, his lies are more heinous than our own. And this is where i take issue, because i know my history, and i know that no big, complex lie one man works to make real in the minds of others has ever been as destructive as the small strings of lies communities and cultures tell themselves every day. This country is still here. It has been run by liars using misinformation to foment dissent and order wherever the PiC see most fit at any given time. The Founding f***heads where just as misinformed and corrupt. At no point has this nation ever been more than a vast tract of land and sea being gobbled up by robber barons and teeming, unwashed ignorants squabbling over dessicated scraps like rats in a cage. From your ill shaped assertions, i take it that you believe a handful of people wired up WTCs 1,2, and 7 whilst simultaneously radicalizing a religion suffering from a century of brain drain. Before you scoff and misquote Utah physicists and some numbers you heard about flash points one time, stop and ask yourself which is the bigger conspiracy: the same guys that took over after Watergate let some terrorists do a small part of their plan before stepping in OR 300000000 people daily trick themselves into thinking their actions and choices should not have consequences?

          I think you want someone to blame. I think you are just smart enough to begin to realize how dumb you truly are, and i know from personal experience that that is a scary place to be. With growing rage and a pitifully small amount of intellectual capability, one finds it hard to not search for lone figures to saddle with guilt. Bush did this; Obama did that. Hitler did this, Genghis did that. These people will stand out in history not because of their own actions, but because of how people around them respond to them.

          I’ve spent all of this -wasted- time writing these things because there is a lot of truth in this doc, but it requires you to hear the words between the syllables as well as have a fairly good to very good command of middle 20th century american history. From your comment, you seem to lack both the ability to consider for more than 5 seconds and a typically american shallow understanding of our culture. Tha makes me sad and spiteful.

          Why don’t you try watching the doc again, but this look up every assertion he makes about his time in charge. 9/11 was the culmination of NeoCon policy initiatives beginning in the late 1960s. This guy had a front row seat to some of the most momentous change in history. His inability to give a straight answer is a part of the fabric of this story… the story of why capitalism is a dangerous mistake.

          History is fun if you abandon your petty emotions and just look at the story as it forms. Don’t pick one little piece, harp on it for 10 seconds and pretend you have access to a perspective beyond the capacity of others.

          Or don’t. I’m an internet post, not a cop.

          • here is your first and biggest mistake, “John the Baptist and Moses are silly characters” after that nothing you say matters. i read it to see if only half a man sits here and it appears to be so.
            the wonderful thing about GOD is how he uses the humble to spread his simple message. he is our hope!
            and yes i do have access to info no other does and the wise that see that will make it, but you go on your way i am not going to show you anything you can’t find all by yourself. good luck with that.
            please allow others to do as you have. seek for themselves. don’t put down another for finding something different at the same dirty hole…

          • So here is a thought: you and i seem to disagree on a number of points. It would appear we also both have a tendency to disparage the opposing side in an argument. Accepting these to be true, i have a proposition that will be prefaced with a statement.

            First, I’m sorry if i insulted you.

            Second, let’s pick a Doc or two to watch ‘together’ then have a discussion about them in the Comment Space. We can have some basic ground rules about not being jerks to each other, but otherwise we can have a spirited and, one would hope, informed discussion about the content of the Doc.

            LMK if you are interested. If so, you pick one and I’ll pick one.

          • sure, i have no problem with that. my use of words is very limited because of my lack of spelling abilities. my words are simple for the most part anyway, but my thoughts are deep and time consuming. let me hunt a doc. what you do prefer?

          • I am not sure; I’ll probably go wildcard. But that is not to say i want to influence your choice. I can discuss most things i’ve ever heard of. LMK.

            In regards to words, we are free to take as long as it needs. Take your time or don’t. I tend to run at the mouth, but i will try to be brief. Also, we should both get comfortable with the fact that we are not going to agree and we might say dumb, hurtful things. Safe word is banana, jk.

            Looking forward to it. OH, just thought of mine…

          • btw i am watching your doc now. very sad and not a way to take down a government. lets see what happens…

          • oh man such a terrible thing to study and understand. tell you what, let us talk about truth, not religion, but truth, what would it take to win you over? should GOD himself walk up, would you then be willing to listen and maybe lay down some ground rules.
            ok day one. i give you 400 million tracks of land and a single man and woman. the walls that surround the city are four hundred feet tall with one key in which only you hold. what are the rules for your place, day one. can hardly wait to hear this. and any rules are good as long as they are known from day one. what are the rules?

          • …k

            Sooo… if you actually want to thoughtsplore to this level, you need better parameters. I will attempt to interpret your intention; if i am off I apologize.

            IF: There is a continent the size of australia, mostly temperate, with abundant flora, fauna, and resources. Somewhere on this land is a place a city might one day be with inexplicable but fully real 400′ tall walls, requisite gates, aqueducts, and passages implied. I, this demideific imagineer, control the walls and i have, or possess, or in some way control the 2 beings, 1 male and 1 female. So now i must make rules for this place.

            To do this proper, you must explain what you mean by ‘rules’, as humans have many sets of them, with not a few in complete contradiction. Basically, am i a god, or am i a watcher with benefits?

            Under the presets described, I as a god would make no rules, i guess, if i had to answer the question as it stands.

          • what happen? too much for that thinker?

          • lel. i have a job, yo.

            Also, your hypothetical is the equivalent of a broken OS: unless i do exactly as you think i should do, i will just fail. To the point, you said let’s talk about truth, then you proceeded to make up a story then ask me questions about the story you made up. I don’t see how fabricating an opinion about hypothetical situations in a made up non-place is a discussion about truth.

            Watching Beslan Doc tonight. I will respond to comments there but i think we have spammed Unknown Known’s comment space enough.

          • the truth must and demands much study. as to the killing fields not sure how to respond. both are bad, the people and the government. no way out, not an easy one anyway…

          • ok the second day the woman comes to you, their “god” and says she has killed the man, he was no good. you ask now, how will our city grow and become great among the world. with the only man dead?