Wham Bam Thank You Scam

This is the story of someone who got scammed by a fabricated stock broking firm (actually a sophisticated gang of fraudsters in South East Asia). While the back story is fairly typical – a western man answers the phone to a seemingly legitimate American sounding financial adviser who is touting financial investments, and an impressive sounding firm, with returns which are attractive but no so attractive as to warrant suspicion. The man entrusts the firm with thousands of his life savings, and sure enough eventually the line goes cold, and when he goes to withdraw his money, it’s not there. So what do you do then? For most people the answer is a visit to the police where they inform you of the futility of getting your money back; and thus all hope of getting their money back or any form of justice is all but impossible. But not for this man! This man, Keith Jones, is not one to sit by while the world screws him over – he sets out to Thailand to track down the fraudsters and expose police incompetence, international loopholes, and the apathy of a major corporate bank. Informative as it is intriguing.

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  1. sucks he got scammed, if I was in his situation I don’t think i’d have the guts to do the things he did. I hope he finds justice but in a safer way 110k isn’t worth dying over in my opinion.

  2. Can you take peanut from the monkey? NO. Can you take the meat from the dog? NO, Can you take money from the idiot? YES ABSOLUTELY!

  3. What a story! I was hoping the victim would get his money back or at least have the criminals arrested. I hope he never gives up!