What In The World Are They Spraying?

What In The World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geoengineering Cover-up by Truthmedia Productions promises to have people looking up in the sky.
Chemtrails have long been debated and producer Michael Murphy and director Paul Wittenberger teamed up with world renowned author and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin to combine their expertise and research to put an end to the debate about chemtrails. The world premiere of What In The World Are They Spraying? is being held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 23, 2010. This is the first-ever full length documentary about chemtrails.

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  1. I understand, as a chemist, the role that Aluminum plays in all this, but what specific enhancements are being supplied by barium and strontium? Are there any scientific studies?

  2. HA HA HA HA HA It’s so pitiful how people are so “ignorant” and cannot understand this is / has been deliberately done to control weather. Contrails disappear quickly, chemtrails spread out and are “Designed” to block out the suns rays. Knowing what I now know however, I think it is more sinister, there’s “No Doubt” there is a “Depopulation Agenda” in “Full Force” which has been used for decades. The Calgary scientist exclaims, We Do Not Know The Side Effects” but it’s like free riding on our Grandkids? I’m very old, I see clouds, that I Never saw10 years ago… “AGAIN, contrails dissipate quickly while Chemtrails spread out and turn the sky a milky white. – Everything has been weaponized against humanity, our Air, Food, Water, Medicine. One has to do research to understand how “EVIL” this world has actually become to fully understand what is really occurring. Luckily for us old people, we have had a chance to live decades, before the assault on humanity has worsened, but I fear for our children’s future.

  3. Tell the truth you are evel you are killing animals insects.

  4. Ours is a nonpartisan &
    strictly nonviolent #RevolutionOfAwareness for #FreeingTruthAndReconciliation (ref., John 8:32, & #NelsonMandela, respectively).

    So, ally with #WeThePeople by identifying as #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializers) as an easy first step.


  5. It’s fun to read old comments with the still sleeping zombies way back….of course weather modification systems are in place they have been for decades

    • I could not have said nicer words than you. It took me a long time (it seems) to wake up. It wasn’t about what is being sprayed on us but a very different incident on a September day. I’m one to question myself or beliefs if more than 1 person tells me I’m wrong or if I have reason to think/believe there might be other circumstances for which I had no previous knowledge.
      I so understand how difficult to believe something like this could be happening in OUR country & it’s really much worse than most understand. What appear to be isolated incidents are not. Please keep that in mind always.
      I’m not going to be here much longer so I’m asking you, pray for all, even for those doing these awful things. Thank you.

  6. Why the heck don’t investigators look at the planes to see how they are spraying to prove if it’s being done or not?

  7. 𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫thats crazy

  8. bro why do you all believe this stuffalert(“bro why do you all believe this stuff”)

  9. Thats Crazy

  10. Extraordinary garbage – ever heard of contrails – guess not!

    • I guess many people have heard of condensation trails. What they are talking about here is the chemical trails. 2 different things.

  11. A widely-believed conspiracy theory is that there’s a secret government
    plot to spray chemtrails into the atmosphere. In reality, there is no
    good reason to believe that what we see in the sky are anything more
    than ordinary contrails. The arguments made by chemtrailers are deeply
    flawed and illogical, and their position is fundamentally unsupported by

  12. Everyone’s spelling and punctuation is seemly off in a proper sense obviously for reasons that whatever is being sprayed is affecting the brain and that said, Im in the 7th grade and my spelling ain’t so proper but heck what does a seventh grader know LoL!LoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoLLoL

  13. i watched it for a while but they just saying the same exact shit over and over..

  14. The very existence of the Grand Conspiracy required to administer chemtrails may be challenged on the basis of the difficulty of maintaining such a conspiracy for so long. Aerial spraying from high-altitude would be an extremely inefficient and inexact mode of delivering chemicals to ground-based targets. Pesticides, for example, are often sprayed on crops from airplanes flying at 30 feet. Wide-area mosquito spraying may be done from an altitude of 150 feet. Chemtrails are supposedly deposited at 30,000 feet or higher, where winds would likely disperse them unpredictably. If there were a campaign to introduce foreign chemicals to the population, it would be simpler and more effective to put them in the water supply (see water fluoridation), or the food supply; or if inhalation were necessary, to release them from ground-based vehicles — have you seen the smoke coming suspiciously out of some cars?

    In addition, said Grand Conspiracy would require that all of the world’s governments, including the supposedly hostile nations that [insert your favorite government overlords] would have to be in cahoots with, would be agreeing to spray the chemtrails over their own populace, since there are very few national airspaces that do not have at least some aircraft flying to, from, within or over them. Considering the amount of ongoing research on trace components of the atmosphere, the Grand Conspiracy would also have to be suppressing scientific documentation of anomalous chemical presences in the stratosphere, everywhere in the world, without anybody noticing or any authors anywhere crying foul.

    But wait! How many international flights go over water where there are no nations, or over the poles where no humans live? Clearly these chemtrails are then responsible for ozone depletion/withdrawal of ice shelves/reduction of polar bear populations/desalination of the world’s oceans/whatever you want to suggest they are.

    All evidence presented by the conspiracy theorists focuses on pictures of the sky. It is all perfectly consistent with contrails. No other evidence such as detection of chemicals or pictures of actual chemical spraying planes or documentation detailing the government’s plan has ever been forthcoming. Notably absent are potentially convincing evidence such as spectrographic analyses — after all, the contents of an aircraft’s trail can’t be hidden from a spectrograph. Or, for that matter, air sampling, which became so refined during the Cold War that scientists could not only pick up the residual traces of a nuclear test thousands of miles downwind, but analyse them finely enough to reconstruct the design of the device tested. If these exquisitely sensitive technologies cannot detect the enormous amounts of “chemicals” supposedly being released into the atmosphere via “chemtrails”, then those who believe in those chemicals need not only far better evidence that they exist than they have ever offered, but also a credible explanation of why they’re undetectable.

    Well… Discovery Channel performed an analysis on chemtrails, and hasn’t seen evidence of strange gases. Strange is bolded because in the video referenced, there’s a heavy quote-mine, so that the uploader can rant about how bad nitrogen dioxide (who refuses to mention that we’d smell the gas if it came anywhere near the surface), nitric acid (again, anywhere near the surface, things would be eaten away), carbon dioxide (We breathed in before airplanes), and carbon monoxide (Meanwhile, chemtrailers have no issues with cars) are.

  15. It is well established by atmospheric scientists that contrails can not only persist for hours, but it is a perfectly normal characteristic for them to spread out into cirrus sheets. The different sized ice crystals in contrails descend at different rates, which spreads the contrail vertically. Then the differential in wind speeds between altitudes (wind shear) results in the spreading of the contrail across many miles/kilometers in the sky. This mechanism is similar to the formation ofcirrus uncinus clouds. Contrails between 25,000–40,000 feet (7,600–12,200 m) can often merge into an “almost solid” interlaced sheet.[33] Contrails can have a lateral spread of several kilometers, and given sufficient air traffic it is possible for contrails to create an entirely overcast sky that increases the ice budget of individual contrails and persists for hours.[34]

    Experts on atmospheric phenomena say chemtrails do not exist, and that the characteristics attributed to them are simply features of contrails responding differently in diverse conditions in terms of the sunlight, temperature, horizontal and vertical wind shear, and humidity levels present at the aircraft’s altitude.[2][4][7][9][29] In the US, the gridlike nature of the National Airspace System’s flight lanes tends to cause crosshatched contrails, and in general it is hard to discern from the ground whether overlapping contrails are at similar altitudes or not.[4] The jointly published fact sheet produced by NASA, the EPA, the FAA, and NOAA in 2000 in response to alarms over chemtrails details the science of contrail formation, and outlines both the known and potential impacts contrails have on temperature and climate.[14] The USAF produced a fact sheet as well that described these contrail phenomena as observed and analyzed since at least 1953. It also rebutted chemtrail theories more directly by identifying the theories as a hoax and disproving the existence of chemtrails.

  16. If these planes could be meet at landing and inspected (flight schedules) that would end the questionable part. As far as HAARP involvement, I do not know but I do know you need seeding material in a medium (like the atmosphere) to carry out a few endeavors, If ground and/or atmospheric readings are off the chart its unlikely its terrestrial. The thought of genetically modified seeds being the only plants capable of growing under these conditions is suspect in itself. As openmind stated …. we do need to wake up, some things are not adding up and this is just one issue.

  17. I’m only 22 and I’ve been wondering why over the past few years the sky has been SO cloudy. There’s hardly any stars out at night in my medium-sized town of Chico, CA and I found it hard to believe if could be just from light pollution.

    I think a crucial thing to note with any new idea is to remain open-minded. Consider the sources and their credibility. Put your own beliefs aside and make an educated decision. This makes sense and the government is certainly capable of pulling something like this off. They don’t want people to speak up, which is why anarchy is illegal. Needless to say, I’m scared for my future for two reasons: because of the power govt and large corporations have over our necessary resources: food, air, water. And because of how ignorant, hateful, and close-minded people are.

  18. The crogress woman, despite the altimeres (not a great speller) commet, she knocked it one the head. she should have mentioned atisum.

  19. Its bull that this would even hapen government dosnt give to shits bout the enviroment let alone the waste it puts over the peoples heads

  20. I keep seeing people demanding proof. Sometimes, proof is not available and you have to broaden your focus and look at the big picture for the smoking gun. We have no “proof” that Kennedy’s assassination was an inside job but really……….does anyone really believe in the magic bullet anymore? The truth of the matter is this; people believe what they want to believe and they will put on blinders and deny, deny, deny as long as they can keep believing whatever makes them feel good. The powers that be know this and they exploit this. How do you think the Wall Street fiasco happened? The Iraq war? Wake up America do you really think your government CARES about you? HAARP “claims” it is a “research” facility. Really. Funded by the Department of Defense? BTW….the concept of spraying chemicals in the air to combat climate change is called Geoengineering and is very real.

  21. Does this mean those alumium particles are blocking or reflecting solar radiation?
    Can I sue them for deliberately blocking the potential energy falling onto my roofs solar panels.  😉

  22. I believe they try to keep people from using their common sense by keeping us arguing without doing any real observation of our sky for several months to come to the reasonable conclusion that we are being sprayed.   I have been observing and keeping records of this for four months. I have observed contrails and chemtrails and they are two separate formations.  Contrails Do Not disperse into a Milky haze, they are not put in grids, x’s, and long parallel lines. The planes fly a normal flight pattern, and contrails disappear as any ice crystal would disappear. Chemtrails  are made by planes making grids, x’s long parallel lines. This should be a red flag from just the flight pattern.  These long lines of “powdery” substance then spreads out into a haze, and I find on heavy spray days, I have a very difficult time breathing, and I am very congested.  Many people are aware that we are being sprayed.  Many people know what the patents are and the companies behind it.  Those who deny it are either in denial or they are disinformation agents or just plain ignorant and have not been observing long enough to make a distinction. Maybe this is due to the difficult reality of realizing that our own government is spraying its citizens.  I can understand how hard that must be, but it is getting to the point where too many people in America and around the world know that we are being sprayed, and they are keeping record and coming together,  so Governments/U.N.  will not be able to keep this a secret too much longer. The Truth is going to come out, and those who have been in denial will be in for a surprise awakening.  

  23. More guff from the tin foil hat brigade ….

  24. Aluminum
    is the third most abundant element of the Earth’s crust, behind that of
    oxygen and silicon. Of the metallic elements, it is the most abundant,
    7.3% by mass of the total crust. Due to Aluminum’s high affinity to bind
    with oxygen, it is not found naturally occurring in its elemental
    state, but only in combined forms such as oxides or silicates.

    • Barium is very common on Earth in it’s elemental form but never found in it’s pure form due to it’s reactivity with air. Among other things Barium has been used in fireworks because it imparts a green color to flames when burned. It is used as an insoluble heavy mud-like paste when drilling oil wells, and in purer form, as an X-ray radiocontrast agent
      for imaging the human gastrointestinal tract. Soluble barium compounds
      are poisonous due to release of the soluble barium ion, and have been
      used as rodenticides. New uses for barium continue to be sought.

  25. Cilantro Chelation Therapy – Heavy Metal Detox

  26. If governmental and political mechanisms and groups are unable to investigate this phenomena, what if someone or group of individuals, private citizens, were able to investigate, spy, and try to uncover where the planes cames from, who flew them, and for whom?  If anyone had any contacts or friends working for FAA interested in helping investigate, FAA should have data on each and every aircraft given clearance for takeoff in the USA…  Then whatever findings could be released via an organisation such as WikiLeaks.  Just an idea.

  27. New Movie from Director of “What in the World are They Spraying”! WittenbergerFraming The World Productions

  28. Will all of you ignorant doubters quit leaving these stupid comments and do some research?
    There is a lot of information out now on the web.  Don’t just look at one video.  Go to utube where people all over the country and the world are uploading what they are seeing in their skies.
    This is NO joke.
    And while you are at it…do some research on H.A.R.P.

  29. Will all of you ignorant doubters quit leaving these stupid comments and do some research?
    There is a lot of information out now on the web.  Don’t just look at one video.  Go to utube where people all over the country and the world are uploading what they are seeing in their skies.
    This is NO joke.
    And while you are at it…do some research on H.A.R.P.

  30. I don’t care if these are chem trails or not, although the question is; Where the hell is all the alluminum comming from? If the studies are true, and accurately show levels of alluminium, how could it possibly be found in all these places?

    Secondly, as already pointed out; Why can’t some-one just fly up to a ‘chem-trail’ and collect a sample? The results SHOULD show an insane level of alluminium IF it’s a chem trail.(As we all know that it will be more-so compacted rather than dispersed.)

  31. I am far more scared of you believers that sat through this video and are convinced chemtrails are real, than i would be of any number of poisons in the air. Not to mention the makers of this video propagate numerous ridiculous assertions. 

    1. There are various ways of transmitting chemical aerosols into the atmosphere without leaving a giant freaking cloud. If they are spraying nefariously, i’d assume they’d go the slightly more covert route.

    2. The geoengineering community proposes spraying HYDROGEN SULFIDE into the air as a strategy, and you’re worrying about aluminum oxide? More proof that you guys know absolutely nothing more than what you’re told. 

    • The “Krakatoa” effect it’s the next step. What they are doing is building a reflective layer based on the “Global Dimming” principles. To work as a sun-screen chances are a big part of it needs to work on the visual spectrum.

       Aluminum it’s the cheap-ass global version of the Silver Sulfates they first discovered to work as condensation nucleus.

       Watch that documentary posted here titled “The father of weaponized Weather”. So you catch a glimpse on the kind of stuff the had nailed on the the sixties and try to extrapolate…

      …But most important, don’t believe what you’re told, open your eyes and watch them do it.

       Or guess none remembers when the horizon was not white 365 days, all around the world, but blue? It was just fifteen years ago, for God sake!

  32. Well, just more poison i get to enjoy 🙂

  33. Very Interesting!

  34. IT’S COMING OUT PUBLICLY. The official term it’s Geoengineering. We’re being told it’s for our own good as final measure. Because god forbid us from stopping the pollution.

  35. IT’S COMING OUT PUBLICLY. The official term it’s Geoengineering. We’re being told it’s for our own good as final measure. Because god forbid us from stopping the pollution.

  36. we are all slaves

  37. we are all slaves

  38. They’re also putting it in our water. Wake up people!

  39. Ill ask again, WHY NO AIR SAMPLE TAKEN?!?! “Chemtrails’ have been talked about for years, why has no one taken a single sample of these so-called low level phenomenon? This is what makes me dubious and frustrated at all these claims that could be easily verified or debunked. Someone who is convinced about ‘Chemtrails’ please give me a real and clear reason why an independent researcher hasnt taken an air sample? Dont say they are too high up, and no-one owns a Jet, because it is being widely stated that one of the charcteristics that differentiates a ‘chemtrail’ from a naturally occurring Contrail is the altitude, they are supposedly lower in the sky.
    If there is a chemical hanging in the sky that doesnt disperse for days at a time, how hard would it be to get a sample? It like we still live on the flat earth and we cant prove if God exists because the bible says hes up in the sky, and we could never hope to traverse the heavens to verify. For fucks sake someone get up there and take a sample so we can KNOW FOR SURE!!!!!! and put an end to all the conspiracies and know either way as a FACT!

  40. I think the point is the 2 types of trail – the high altitude vapour trail of old and the newer trails we are seeing more & more of. The “CT” trails are lower in the sky, end up criss crossing cities, they DON’T disperse like vapour trails. They spread out to form wispy tails that seem to join & end up covering the sky. The following day is always overcast. YES, there are still many natural trails high up there but do NOT tell me I’m daft when I see the low altitude trails cross my city like a chess board. Maybe “they” are blocking damaging rays from somewhere & don’t want to admit they’re pumping out whatever it is. Maybe something none of us have thought of. One thing is for sure, whoever “they” are, they’re not letting much slip, yet.

  41. The correct term for these trails is ‘Contrails’ the word has been hijacked by conspiracy theorists. Here is the non-conspiracy theory explanation of what a contrail is – “Contrails form through the injection of water vapor into the atmosphere by exhaust fumes from a jet engine. If there is sufficient mixing between the cold upper tropospheric air and the hot exhaust gases to produce a state of saturation, ice crystals will develop.” Sounds very reasonable to me.
    Surely if the powers-that-be are behind the spraying of chemicals on people ALL OVER THE WORLD we would see them wearing gas masks? Which would be a little giveaway dont you think? Otherwise they are inhaling their own poison? With all these supposed “chemtrails” hanging in the air why has no-one taken a sample of the vapour yet, not one single sample to verify this claim of poisonous spray.

    •  Again as I keep saying to you naysayers: you didn’t watch the video did you? Nope–you commented without watching because you already know everything.

  42. I’m not going to say that they are or are not spraying toxic chemicals and metals. What I will say is it is a little arrogant to automatically assume that everyone who thinks they are, is crazy. Simply because our government are not exactly saints, lets be honest. They have proven themselves negligent with civilians health many times over. When confronted they also denied much like they do with this topic.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

    I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. ~Abraham Lincoln

    • “Simply because our government are not exactly saints, lets be honest.” Which government? This is the WORLD Wide Web.

      And including a link to Wikipedia only demonstrates a lack of understanding as that is a seriously flawed & discredited source of information (or more accurately it’s an accepted source of lies & distortion.)

    • I was going to edit but since there is not an edit option i have to reply.

      On another note, if you would like to get your point across and be taken seriously, reply seriously.

      A well thought out comment based on facts, has a better chance of raising someones curiosity than vulgar impulse comments do. After all raising someones curiosity on a subject is all it takes for one to want to learn. That is the goal of this film is it not? To engage people on the subject? To get each and every person who comes across it to research it?

      Don’t derail your own movement by belittling others.

      • “That is the goal of this film is it not?”

        No it’s not. It’s a money making scam aimed at the gullible amd mentally weak.

      • “That is the goal of this film is it not?”

        No it’s not. It’s a money making scam aimed at the gullible amd mentally weak.

      • Does anyone have a clue what “Crazy cat lady” is on about? Seems her name is rather appropriate.

  43. Wow…you point out how “crazy” these “conspiracists” are, yet you obviously, like the other naysayers here, refused to watch this documentary and instead clung to your closed-minded beliefs as though they were religious faith.

    By your estimate, the 10 times more air traffic has produced thousands of times more aluminum in our atmosphere and soil(jet fuel is basically kerosene…no aluminum by-product is generated during it’s burning) seemingly out of nowhere. Perhaps you believe aluminum can teleport into our atmosphere from a parallel Universe or maybe from the future. You are obviously more sane than these “conspiracy” nuts.

  44. Lorsha what a small minded individual you are? When you have respiartory problems caused by chemtrails, im sure you will believe like many aussies are being told this week that its “thunderstorm asthma” i had never heard of it till yesterday. what a load a bullshit.
    I bet everyone disregarding chemtrails as conspiracy theory would have believed the world was flat many years ago too.

  45. Did you know about the 39 years during experiment in Great Britain during the cold war were they sprayed their civilians from airplanes.

    E. COLI
    ZINC CADMIUM SULPHIDE (considered by the allies of WOII, a chemichal weapon)

    APRIL 2002 – Guardian Newspaper

    Me paranoid? I think somebody who is paranois about wrong things in this world is more dedicated to make it better than people who are ignorant.


  46. I’m glad that paranoid speculations such as these are challenged, but I fear that the proponents of ideas such as these are so far out there that any attempt to have a discussion will fail miserably.

    What hope is there for a factually grounded conversation with for someone who can convince themselves that there are 10 times more air traffic prior to rain fall? These are some seriously deluded people.

    I’m almost convinced that what we are seeing is a real and significant negative effect of the internet. My hope is that the crazies are so vocal and active that I radically overestimate the problem.

  47. It’s just water, hot air, as that coming from the jet engines, can holds more water vapour than cold air. So when the air cools down, some of the water must necessary go from vapour to fluid water droplets. Also know as clouds. Just as there are created condense water at your own refrigerator.

    •  Try watching the film before impressing us with your amazing intellect. Yes, we all know what contrails are. What people are saying that you are too arrogant to hear is that this phenomenon seems to differ from what we know as “contrails”.

      • And how did you know John didn’t watch the video?

        I did.

        There is no viable evidence against the trails being the result of jet engines.

        Of course questioning people’s belief on this is like questioning people’s belief in religion … it can result in the same attacks & insults.

      • And how did you know John didn’t watch the video?

        I did.

        There is no viable evidence against the trails being the result of jet engines.

        Of course questioning people’s belief on this is like questioning people’s belief in religion … it can result in the same attacks & insults.

  48. Sooo…
    If all this Info is just alarmist conspiracy talk (then to all who cast nay saying rhetoric about) please explain to me how does the Soil become Toxified to 61,000 times the highest level of Toxicity that triggers a Human “health alert” in a short span of years..? (When just that many years earlier tests showed the nothing of the sort)

    And if or when you finish answering that to the best of your ability, then layer this one question on top:
    …explain away the excessive level’s of Barium and Strontium….you know…the type of Heavy Metals never commonly found in peoples back yards.

    Until you KNOW something…you know nothing…!
    Maybe it’s time to START ASKING INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS so we can surely know what is really happening here.
    Simple minded negativity is the hall mark of a closed shallow mind…usually within one already mindlessly controlled by the MSN and the Gov’t-Corp. coalition of special fascist interests.

    • the stereotypical conspiracy theorist:
      “we need to look carefully, think and start asking questions. why would the government want to do this, what do they have to gain. We NEED TO START ASKING QUESTIONS people, what chemicals do chem-trails have, why do people outright reject it (because they’re sane) and blah blah blah”… Can’t you see this documentary is not to “inform you about chem-trails” but so the filmmaker can make money.

      BTW: Don’t like the government, go back to communism or monarchism. 

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