Young Jeezy: A Hustlerz Ambition

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, this documentary takes viewers behind the scenes with Young Jeezy while he tours the world. The film includes interviews with Jay-Z, DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, P. Diddy and other artists.

But more telling are the conversations with his father, who was a Marine, and his mother a former drug addict who he found high in a crack house on one occasion. Their eventual divorce would have a heavy impact on Jeezy as as child.

He recently told “The first time I ever sat down and watched the whole documentary it just taught me a lot of things about myself,” the ATL bred rapper explains. ‘One thing that Puff said that I thought was crazy was ‘You know, Jeezy got to stay connected to the streets and the hood but he can’t let them bring him down’ and I was like ‘Damn you know that’s true but I never looked at it like that.’


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