Mistaken Identity

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In the 1980s, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) suddenly became the talk of the town. Tens of thousands of Americans were diagnosed with an illness that was previously unheard of. A trigger for this sudden epidemic was the release of a film, “Sybil”. Telling the dramatic story of a woman diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, the film was shown across America making Sybil a household name. Now, Sybil’s original diagnosis is being challenged. The psychiatric community is divided and people are asking whether MPD exists at all. Mistaken Identity is a documentary searching for answers.

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  • Marky

    Great documentary that gives an honest look at the mpd phenomenon. Could be more in depth in places but very interesting. Things like hypnosis and recovered memories and the psychoanalytic aspect need more elaboration. Well worth watching.

  • Vitor F.

    The video is not avaiable!